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Volunteers Needed for Desert Rose Society Rose Show 2022


If you are new to the rose society you may not know what we need in the way of volunteers to adequately staff a rose show. We look to our members to volunteer and help with the show. Below we have listed the various volunteer jobs we need help with.

Setting up the show--- This takes place on November 12 the night before the show. The job involves setting up and placing 6 foot tables on the show floor, covering the tables with table covers, placing of location signage on the tables. This entire pro- cess goes rather rapidly and we start at 5:00 p.m. and are done by 8:00. This is not heavy work but we appreciate all the help we can from the men members for table placing.

Tearing down the show—This takes place immediately after the show closes at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. We ask all members to show up and help with this. The plus from this job is that you can bring a container and take bouquets of roses home with you. It is surprising how fast this process goes, normally less than two hours.

Clerking the show--- These people work with a team of usually 3 judges and are there to assist the judges during the judging process. As a clerk you will be on the floor during the judging placing the appropriate ribbons on the winning roses. The judges may ask you do other things such as take winners to the re-judge table or move an exhibit to a different location. Some entries the judges are not allowed to touch so you may be asked to move roses from place to place. Instruction will be provided immediately before the judging starts. Judging will start at about 9:30 a.m. and finish about noon.


Placement volunteer--- The exhibitors of most of the entries in a show may not car- ry their entries onto the show floor. The Placement volunteers take the entries on- to the floor and place them in the correct numbered class. This work takes place from about 6:30 until entries close at 9:30 or so. There is a lead placement person to give instructions.


With your help we can produce a beautiful memorable experience for all involved. So call us and volunteer for a great event. You will learn a lot about roses. Call Terry Casella at 760 333-0014 or email us at to volunteer.


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