What's on in the desert,

at the Desert Rose Society

All Monthly Meetings are Tuesday at 5:30

at the Portola Community Center

45480 Portola Avenue, Palm Desert

Note Meeting Date Change

Wednesday, September 18 Meeting

Gerry Mahoney will be speaking on

the Empress Josephine Bonaparte

and her gardens at Malmaison.

Tuesday, October 8 Meeting

The president of ARS, Bob Martin,

will speak about learning from your mistakes

Tuesday, November 12 Meeting

Tom Cooney- District Chairman Cconsulting Rosarians

Past Meetings

Tuesday, March 12 Meeting

How to Show Roses by our top exhibitors. 

“ Everything you could possibly ever want to know

about displaying roses.”

Come and learn how to cut, clean, prepare and preserve roses

for use in arrangements, bouquets

or to prepare them to enter in a rose show.

Tuesday, April 9 Meeting

Our Little Rose Show for members

And Rose Auction

Tuesday, February 12 Meeting

Short presentations by our Consulting Rosarians followed by a panel answering questions about roses from the members. 

“ Everything you could possibly ever want to know about roses.”

Tuesday, January 8 Meeting

Our January meeting will feature a presentation by Kreg Hill, a master arrangement artist on the three types of arrangement most commonly used in rose shows. He will show the oriental, modern and traditional types of arrangements.


Kreg has presented programs and written articles on all aspects of rose culture, including growing, diseases, propagation, OGR’s and arrangements. His articles have been published in the American Rose, OGR Gazette, Rose Arranger’s Bulletin, district and local bulletins. He has presented programs at local meetings, district and national conventions.

Tuesday, November 13 Meeting


The dynamic duo from Felixstowe, England. Ray and Pauline Martin, our only Desert Rose Society members from Europe will be our presenters for our November meeting.

Their Presentation is “The Dean and I”. They will be giving their presentation about Dean Reynolds Hole, one of the founding members of the Royal National Rose Society and one of the“grand old gentlemen” of the English rose world. He wrote about roses grew roses and loved his roses. He once said, “He who would have beautiful roses in his garden must first have beautiful roses in his heart”. He was the first president of the RNRS. He organized the first rose show in 1858. His writing displayed both his knowledge of roses but also his sense of humor. The Martins presentations are always very informative and entertaining.

Tuesday, September 11 Meeting


Our guest speakers will be the renowned Dave and Gerry Mahoney of Phoenix, AZ. Over the last 14 years this couple has done it all, judged horticulture, arrangements and photography, they have authored many articles, and continue to be active consulting roMontlh sarians. Dave and Gerry are soon to be appointed the new co-Chairs of the ARS national Consulting Rosarian Committee. It is to our delight they are to be our speakers for our first meeting on September 11, 2018.

Tuesday, October 9 Meeting

The presentation for this month’s meeting will be ‘Fact and Fancy About the Fabulous Floribunda’. Hal Reynolds’ presentation focuses on the uses and vastly varied forms, colors and types of floribunda roses.

Hal is a Master Consulting Rosarian, a Horticulture Rose judge and a Rose Arrangement Judge. He owned and operated a nursery and greenhouses in Washington state before retiring here, to the desert, in 1998. He is a lifelong gardener, from age 10 or so and has tended various quantities of roses for over 60 years.

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