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What's on in the desert,

at the Desert Rose Society

Tuesday, September 12th Meeting, 4:30pm

How to Choose the Right Rose
by Peggy Bakke, Consulting Rosarian and Master Gardener

Saturday, September 16th Meeting, 4:30pm

Fall Rose Pruning
at the Palm Desert Community Rose Garden
All members are encouraged to come and help out
so we can complete the pruning while it's still cool!

Tuesday, October 10th Meeting, 4:30pm

Roses and Dry Plant Materials,
Easy and Fun Arrangements For the Fall Season

by Pamela Nelson, Consulting Rosarian, Arrangement Judge

Tuesday, November 12th Meeting, 4:30pm

The Influence and Legacy of the UK's Amateur Breeders
by Ray and Pauline Martin, The Rose Society UK

Past Meetings

Tuesday, April 11th Meeting, 4:30pm

The annual DRS Little Rose Show

Tuesday, February 14th Meeting, 4:30pm

"Smell a Rose"
by Freddy Hooper


Freddy has have been growing roses and gardening for over 50 years here in the desert.  She joined the Desert Rose Society in 2013.  After retirement she became a Master Gardner and have been volunteering with them ever since.

The presentation will include a brief history of the fragrant rose, the best times to smell and how to smell the rose. She will describe the different fragrances and which roses have the most fragrance, and benefits of smelling the roses.  Fall rose care and pruning, why we do it, and how it differs from the spring pruning will be discussed. A brief description of the rose classifications will be presented. 

There will be a drawing at the end of the presentation with nifty rose themed prizes!

Tuesday, January 10th Meeting, 4:30pm

Rose Care from Bare Root to Bloom
by Peggy Bakke


Peggy and her husband joined the Desert Rose Society in 2003 at the invitation of Patti Harder. She won Princess of Show for her 1st arrangement entry that year. She has since won Queen of Show for her traditional arrangement at the DRS National Show & Conference in 2009 and again at the Carlsbad National in 2013.  She was elected DRS President in 2012 and served thru 2014. She won the ARS Bronze Medal in 2015 and took over Greeter when Larry Gallupo retired. Peggy studied photography at COD 1990-92, became a Consulting Rosarian in 2013 and graduated the Master Gardener program at UCR Extension in 2019. She has been giving Rose presentations at Garden clubs throughout the desert thru their Speakers Bureau ever since

There will be a drawing at the end of the presentation with nifty rose themed prizes!

Saturday, January 7th, 8am

Plan to help with the pruning of

the Palm Desert Rose Garden 

This is a big undertaking, the 100 bushes all need to be pruned, the cuttings gathered and the concrete swept. We need many hands. The few of us who do consistently show up are older, have health issues and just cannot sit or squat for 3 or more hours to complete the pruning. As a society that promotes roses and education it is our responsibility to maintain this event as a public service.

Two to four of us cannot do this alone.

Please join us there and support the Desert Rose Society!


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